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Thread: Custom Shower Materials

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    I am in the process of building a new pier and beam home, and have decided I want a custom shower. I am not sure what components I need for plumbing from valve to valve, what materials to use beneath the tiles of the walls and what to do about the floor of the shower. Is there anyone who has been where I am and could give some advice or direction on where I need to go from here....?

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    "Custom Shower" could mean a lot of things.

    As far as the wall and floor, proper techniques and materials to make it waterproof are critical. Consult the tile forum: www.johnbridge.com

    As far as the valves, you need to decide what you want. If you are talking multiple heads, etc. you need to consult the manufacturers specs as far as loop piping, and get a good plumber to determine what water supply piping will be required to feed your sytem.

    Any plumbing showroom, or a box store, will have catalogs showing available suites. Also. go to any internet site (Delta, Kohler, Amer. Std, etc) for ideas.

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    If you are thinking about multiple showerheads, you need to consider potentially a huge hot water tank.
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