I was wondering if anybody's ever heard of this school it's a home study course, Penn and Foster.
I never know when I'm going to get home, it depends on the jobs for the day. And I'm a service plumber, I've been doing plumbing for 15 years, alot of those years were as a helper ( until the boss was in a bind many times though...
Anyway, I have this idea to start my own business, doing installations for Home Depots and Lowes, or else just drain cleaning only, I'm pretty good at drains, don't want to jinx myself saying that and get a cable stuck tomorrow.
But anyway, I know for H.D. and even maybe just to open up a business doing drians, you have to have a master's license, for H.D. you do becuase you have to be able to pull permits, all their water heaters get a permit, electric or gas. And I don't know if you need a master's license to operate a drain cleaning business, but I'm sure it would make the home owner alot more comfortable if you were properly licensed and bonded and insured etc.
So anyway, I need coaching getting my journeyman's license, and then I guess you have to wait 2 years after having that before you can take the master's test. I dont know if that depends on how much experience you have though.
Any thoughts?