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    Hi, new to this site and it looks like you are the people I need to talk with! I have a galvinzed water system 60+ years old. I was thinking of replacing it with cpvc because the flow is almost down to nothing. I have 1/2 inch rizers going to the second floor. Could I use a 3/4 inch rizer to the shower to increase volume? We like a thunderstorm in the shower. Any reason not to use cpvc? I can sweat copper if it is a better choice. Thanks in advance, Gordon

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    The ID of CPVC is smaller than copper or galv, so size your system accordingly. You should change out your shower valve to a pressure balance. Showers have a max GPM (measured at 80psi). A larger line will not increase this. However, I would run 3/4" lines to the bath--I never run more than 2 fixtures on 1/2" (& remember CPVC ID is smaller).
    The choice of water line material.....? Kind of a personal preference/water quality issue.
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    Default cpvc

    1/2" CPVC will be larger than your clogged steel pipes, but smaller than an equivalent sized copper tube. 1/2" cpvc will be too small to run to the second floor bathroom, even if it just for the shower.


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