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Thread: skirted drake? and toilets 101?

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    Toto has updated the bowl wash on most of the original toilets that used the Unifit...just look for the II version.
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    Just one note: although the Nexus may have been discontinued, it is still shown on the Toto web site and it's still widely-available out there in all colors. I think that given the great customer-acceptance that the Aquia has experienced, I would probably choose it over the Nexus, although the Nexus does look cool.

    The Aimes MS626214cefg also takes the Unifit, and it's generally-available as well, although not cheap, and looks a little like the two you like, although chunkier.

    Carlyle II, Vespin II, Carolina II, Soiree, Eco Lloyd, and some others.
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    I had no idea it would be so hard to find a showroom that has some of these toilets so I could see them
    in person. I've been calling showrooms from Indianapolis to Chicago to Ann Arbor Michigan.

    Does everyone just buy their toilets sight unseen?

    I've been able to find 1 local showroom with the Drake so I could see the tank that the Vespin uses.

    None of the showrooms have the Vespin 2 (within 2-3 hours of me). One had the tank but not the bowl. LOL.

    I did find a Vespin 1 in a show room about 3 hours northeast of me.
    I did find a Pacifica that is in a bathroom in a plumbing supply place 2 to 3 hours (depending on traffic) west of me so
    I could at least see a Pacifica before making a purchase.
    the showrooms couldn't be in the same direction!!

    I was originally looking for a nonADA height toilet but had given up on that but the lady said they'd probably sell
    me the Vespin 1 off the showroom floor.

    Any words of wisdom on choosing between the pacifica (which I can find online) and the Vespin 1 and vespin 2?

    They all take the unifit which I need with a 15.5" rough in.
    The water supply line comes up through the floor and is 5.5 " left of center, 6" out from the wall.
    I believe the vespin will work with this set up. Does anyone know if the Pacifica will work with this set up?

    Any idea why the pacifica was discontinued? From the pics I've see online it's a nice looking toilet.


    edited to add: I just found a showroom in East Dundee with not only the Vespin 2 but some of the other
    toto toilets that take the unifit as well. I'm off to Chicago.
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    There's a Toto sign in a local plumbing showroom window in the Detroit, MI area but I have no idea what exactly they have on the floor. Look here: http://www.hlclaeys.com/
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    Vespin 2 purchased today. Yea. One thing checked off the to do list.
    They didn't have the unifit so they will either order it or I"ll find that online.

    Thanks everyone.


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