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Thread: anything new in the pex vs copper debate?

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    Default anything new in the pex vs copper debate?

    Once again, I've been trying to research this topic only to find most of the discussions to be 5 or more years old. Anything new that would sway me towards using PEX other than "everyone's using it now"? Apologies in advance if I'm simply beating the same dead horse...

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    Go with it. Even polybutylene took many years before it became a problem and bankrupted numerous plumbers and their insurance companies.
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    Pex started to be used in Europe in the 50's...one of the original manufacturer's was Wirsbo (Uphonor now). There's over a billion feet of the stuff installed. There are three (that I know of) manufacturing methods producing stuff in types -A, -B, and -C. Wirsbo only makes -A. Some manufacturers may not have been making it for long, or just put their name on it made by someone else. As a result, they have little history...but, as a product, assuming you get it from an established manufacturer and install it properly, it works long-term. Fail in quality control or manufacturing technique, and any can fail. Uphonor not only manufactures the tubing, but the raw materials as well, so they can control their quality all the way through the process. Type -A is the most flexible, the smallest minimum turn radius, and the only type that can be restored if it gets kinked for any reason...the others require you to cut out the kink and insert a fitting. So, you not only have choices in type of material, you have to pick a quality manufacturer.
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    Yeah, I've got an expander and a roll of the Uponor. Used it in the unfinished part of my basement to run a line to a hose bib on the far side of my house. Been about a year now...hasn't leaked. Got a short section of "sharkbite" brand from the HD installed with a sharkbite fitting on one end, and a crimp fitting on the other end...no leaks there either. I look at them all the time waiting for signs of failure. Probably will never happen...

    And what about the stories of rats & mice eating it?!?!

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    Not just stories, for real. I had several coils of PEX tubing rat-chewed pretty good. It was in an old storage garage full of varmits. Anything else plastic in there
    also got gnawed on.

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    Nothing much new. Pex is still crap and copper is still a quality product.
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    Just stocked up on copper today and am feeling good about it...Thanks!

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