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Thread: MS874114SG, Need to find replacement tank lid

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    My TOTO Carlyle CST874 (MS874114SG) wouldn't stop running so I lifted the lid and then bent down to shut off the water at the wall. I knocked off the lid and it shattered. What's the best place to buy a replacement? Online? Nearest plumbing supply (none local)?

    I also need to replace one of the screws that holds on the seat. We had Totos in our previous home for 12 years and the seats never wobbled or came loose. In this home, the seats on both toilets would loosen and have to be tightened regularly. (Doesn't everyone keep an old kitchen knife under the bathroom sink?) One of the screws is apparently stripped as it spins and won't tighten, so I need to find a replacement for this part, too.
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