I posted a month or so ago on a leaking shower pan, 28 years old:


I decided to re-grout and seal, silicone the corners and bottom to floor edge, and clean the build up of calcium or whatever it was in the drain. This calcium seemed to be from the weep holes, it was tough stuff and I finally got it all removed with much scraping.

So, after about 4 weeks, the leak has stopped completely. I know the liner is sitting straight on the plywood floor with no pre-slope. We have been using the shower heavily over the holidays and no leaks. I guess it took a while for the liner that was filled to drain and now no new water is getting to this area that leaks.

Had two estimates for the fix, a new floor at $1000, a complete new shower for $3000, and a complete bathroom re-do at $5000-$8000. The $8000 was for granite counters, cabinets, fancy glass door, picture frame wall mirrors, new lights, etc.

I have always been the type to only fix something once it is not fixable. I know what I did is a patch job, but it seems to work. My wife would like to do the $3000 shower and be done with it. I am holding out till it completely goes.

I also had an interesting discussion with one of the tile contractors in that he said for the county I live in the liner does not have to be done on a pre-slope, both estimates include a pre-slope because I knew about it. But as he said all new homes in your area are not pre-sloped. He also commented on the hardness of our city water and that is why you had that calcium buildup in the drain. He said those tiny weep holes in the drain, how long do you think they will stay open. So he was slamming the liner and drain itself, implying that it is always full of water.

Any comments on this? Thanks, Tom