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Thread: Cant fit in 60" Tub

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    Default Cant fit in 60" Tub

    I am trying to install a 60" tub and there is barely enough room to fit it in. I have no room to maneuver it in the baseboard heat and finished tile is stopping me for laying it flat of the floor and installing it? Are there any tricks or suggestions on how to get this in?

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    Are the walls around the tub opening all bare to the studs? If not, you probably will not get it in with finished walls outside the area.
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    If you only have a little space above the tub open, you won't able to "spin" the tub in. Most tubs are installed during the construction phase before the drywall is installed. When I replace a tub, it normally has the backer board removed first, then the tub is installed and new backer board installed last. Trying to install a tub with the tile in place is going to be a losing battle.

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    You need to remove the tile and backer. You should have 60" between the studs to wiggle it in.

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