Good Morning!

I just finished making our full bath half functional (shower is not done). The floor is tiled with large format tile and verified level with less 1/16 lipage. The flange is new and is also level to the floor. When I installed my brand new Toto Drake toilet I had to shim it 1/4 of an inch in the front to get the darn thing level! And then when I put the tank lid on it either sits ok (not great) looking in the front or the back and if you push from the side it will slide off! I'm going to have to use putty to keep it on as this is a childs bathroom! This is not my 1st toilet installation and I have never had these problems before used American Standards before. Any one else had these problems with a Toto Drake (round)? Did I get a lemon? Sorry I'm venting a little I expected more from this toilet!

On a positive note it flushes like a dream.