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Thread: well trouble

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    Default well trouble

    Hey everybody I am new to this forum. I was impressed at the time I came to the forum it said 960 people were currently viewing this forum that's a lot of people.
    I am having trouble with my well the pump will come on and run fine but I am not getting any water. I've done a lot of searching on the net but I haven't found anything that has helped as most of what I found dose not seam to be about my type of well so I will try to explain a little about it.

    I've been told it is an old type well where their is the well itself coming out of the ground with the pump on top. That is where the electric wire connects to a relay that turns the pump on and off a pipe from there has some type of valve there with a pressure gage on the side. I called it a valve but I am not sure if that is what it is or not it has a long screw on top of it that is real tight and don't want to turn although I haven't tried to hard till I find out what it is l am not sure if it is an adjustment screw or a plug. Than I have the holding tank witch is currently empty it has an old type air control valve on the side of it that is a clear plastic unit with a little ball inside (I as told this is the old type). The air control valve has a hose that goes from the acv to the pump.
    So far I have replaced the acv and the hose but s
    till no water.
    I've read that it might need to be primed but I am not sure how to prime or where to prime it at. I have also been asked if it could be out of water. I don't know how deep it is but none of my neighbors are having any problems with their wells and we have had some rain lately and we aren't any serious drought going on here now.
    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give as many details as I can. Thanks

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    Just found this site. Looks pretty good. Been a licensed union plumber for 12 years. would also like to contribute here. Thanks

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