I knew my bank was changing names, but when I called today, they were no longer English speaking. The recording answered in Spanish. Thinking that I made a mistake maybe somehow, I hung up and called back. I did this 3 times, each time, all in Spanish. I started pushing buttons thinking I could get English but, instead I just got disconnected. I wondered, what's up with this?

I rode down and drove through the drive thru asking the teller for some information and now, I had to walk in. Inside I was told the person was fixing this but it might take a couple of days because the tech only spoke spanish.

I asked if they were only taking peso's.

For added fun, I noticed the ATM was down and I had to look... Yep, all instructions only in Spanish.

I live in an area where the only Spanish speaking person is my best friend, Doris. She listened and told me that the tape said, " at this time, we cannot accept English."