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Thread: New house, new well, new problems

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    These are the settings that I've been using since June:

    Mode of operation: softening
    Brine fill: post
    Program code: P7 (6 minutes backwash, 45 minutes brine, 4 minutes backwash, 3 minutes rinse)
    Resin capacity: 28
    Pounds of salt: 8
    Reserve capacity: auto
    Regeneration time: normal
    Water hardness: 17
    Regeneration day override: 9
    Regeneration time: 3:30AM

    The softener is a 50000 grain unit, but even with the valve controller set to 28000 our water usage is low enough (120 gallons per day) that it always hits the 9 day mark before it hits the 0 gallon mark.

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    Myself , I would take the capacity to 25 leave the salt at 8 and move the hardness to 20.

    Even if I have only .6 ppm of iron I use 1.0ppm and use a multiplier of 4 then add that to the hardness.

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    The P7 needs to be P13 (for a 1.5 cuft). P7 should only be used for a 1.0 cuft.

    And without me doing the rest of the math, I'd leave the other things alone unless you didn't use my site to arrive at figures.

    After changing to P13, start a manual regeneration when you can go without using water for 1.5 hrs. When the valve goes into the first Backwash unplug the power and let it run for 20 minutes and then plug it back in and let it finish the regeneration on its own.
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