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Thread: Proposed layout for bathroom drain lines

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    Default Proposed layout for bathroom drain lines

    Here's what i have, and what i want to do when i remodel the bathroom. I also want to hide all the pipes against the wall or between the joist so as to be able to finish the basment easily. Right now they are all sticking out in the open.

    I live in PA and think i'm under the 2003 IPC.

    Right now, the toilet sits on top of the 3" stack, and is not vented. I'm not sure how i could fit the two 90 bends in there later, still tucked inbetween the two joists, and get a vent there too. Anyways, the pics:

    Now here's what i want to do:

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    Default Dwv

    The toilet is being vented by lavatory vent. How high do you intend to have the toilet above the floor? There is NO WAY you will get that tee for the sink/tub AND two elbows within a 10" joist. Therefore the toilet will probably have to be mounted on a 6" or 8" platform to do what you want to.

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    What do people usually do in this circumstance to fit all the plumbing in there without raising the toilet?

    What if i used one of those sanitary tees that has a side inlet - placed that on the stack between the joists, so the toilet only has the one 90 then goes straight in, and the tub/lav drain goes in the side inlet? That work fine? But then i'd have to cap the top of the sanitary tee...hmmm...

    Or i could run the tub/lav drain all the way to the right wall, then put in a 90 that i angle down 45 degrees, and run it into a wye in the stack below the sanitary tee...but that seems like almost having a combo wye in the stack, which i'm not supposed to do...

    Third idea...the first 90 out of the toilet....then put a wye in the toilet drain line...run the tub/lav drain to that wye...then the second 90, down the stack...

    My point is i'm trying to get that stack against the basement wall that is to the right of the picture...so i can wall it in...instead of being a foot away as it is now...and get the tub/lav drain through the joists...instead of under them...

    thanks again...
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    Sanitary tee's can not be located horizontally for recieving the discharge from fixtures.

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    I wasn't talking about it being horizontal, i meant on top of the stack, and the top of it capped. It would be vertical.

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    Here's my most recent idea - is this legal? I measured each piece, and it should just fit...

    This is the elbow i was talking about using there with the side inlet:

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    Just hire a pro and be done with it. I see a solution, but it took me years to learn that solution..lol. I advise you to hire a plumber.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tricounty View Post
    Just hire a pro and be done with it. I see a solution, but it took me years to learn that solution..lol. I advise you to hire a plumber.
    That was very useful, i'm glad you're a member of this forum. Thank you for all your help.

    How many posts do you think you can get in per day with such useful advice, such as "i know the answer but won't tell"?


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