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Thread: Breaking Base or Tank question.

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    Default Breaking Base or Tank question.

    Just curious,

    How often do professionals break either the tank or base? Which is more common?

    If an installer breaks a new customer supplied Toto where is the liability? Are most licensed contractors going to have reservations about installing customer supplied product?


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    How often do professionals break either the tank or base? Which is more common?
    Almost never.
    Once you break one, you don't do it twice.
    There is a learning curve.
    You can be too tight, or too loose.

    I had a customer the other day where the plumbers had the tank on too loose.
    The customer took a screw driver to the tank bolts and fixed the leak.
    Not my plumbers, their plumbers.

    I broke a bowl in the early 70's

    I prefer to supply the fixtures.
    Then it's my fixture to warranty.

    If someone else supplies fixtures, then there is no warranty.
    It's all time and material at that point.

    I can't tell you how many times I've tried to install homeowner supplied American Standard and Kohler and had to schedule a second trip until they had a non-defective bowl or tank.

    A second note: Once someone has had a tank or bowl sitting in their garage for a while, waiting for installation, a lot can happen to it.

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    Default fixtures

    Here, the majority of fixtures are customer supplied so the plumber has zero liability once it is installed the first time. If he breaks it, then he should replace it, unless it is an obvious defect that caused the damage. Once it is installed, and working, the customer is responsible for any problems with it, and the plumber will charge for ANY service to the fixture, regardless of the reason for it.

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    Default Breaking Toilets

    After installing thousands and thousands of toilets I broke one, IN MY HOUSE!! as far as using someone elses fixtures, if I broke it I ate it; never happened


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