I am looking at installing Delta T18T240-SS jetted shower system and would also like to add a handshower on wall bar.
I know I need the XO valve for an extra outlet.

Delta has a few valves but I think I need the 18442.
I'm confused about the WS (with stops).
My husband says this is for the diverter and has stops for the functions.
I read somewhere this is for "shutting off" water supply, but was that referring to the universal valve?

Just wondered if anyone has installed this system and can direct me to the correct valve requirement.
I know there is a "preplumbed" version which is the series with the jets right above the handle and has a big cover plate. Not my taste.

I called Delta but the rep said the XO was for extra jets....I didn't waste my time trying to explain. I also emailed them and not received a reply.
The installation manual online is slightly confusing as it covers all valve options.