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Thread: burnt odor out of cold water line

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    Question burnt odor out of cold water line

    Hi, I have recently noticed a strong odor coming from my cold water at the kitchen sink. if you fill a glass then smell it has a strong burnt type odor to it. Doesnt happen in the bathroom or any other outlet , doent happen with hot water, not even from kitchen sink. About 3-4 weeks ago had shutoffs installed under the sink, everything is brand new and didnt have the odor problem at first. I changed the old faucet trying to solve the problem no help. I did notice that coming up from the crawl is older galvanized pipe. the person that put in the shutoffs had to add an extension from the galvanized and used black iron pipe. Could this react and cause this type of odor after a couple of weeks? any help or comments appreciated.

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    Black iron on the water is a no-no!

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