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Thread: Dryer Conversion Info Needed Natural Gas to Propane

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    Default Dryer Conversion Info Needed Natural Gas to Propane

    I have an LG natural gas dryer and I have the part that needs to be installed to convert it to a propane dryer. The part came with no instructions whatsoever and Sears (where I had to buy the conversion kit from) and no plumbers I know can tell me how it gets installed. I am waiting to hear from LG themselves but it's been a while since I contacted them and am hoping I can get this done - with someone's help out there.

    If you can help, I'd greatly appreciate any guidance,
    Many thanks,

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    Converting it should be done by an appliance or a gas technician.

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    Yup. And the instructions from LG say "Disassemble dryer." And that is no lie. Your dryer will have the top and front cover off and it's a lot easier to remove the drum in some cases. I have converted a lot of LG dryers and they are THE worst. Well, the Bosch is right up there too.
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    What parts did you get? There should have been a burner orifice, a new pilot burner or pilot orifice, and a gas line regulator. They are easy to install ONCE you get to the point where you can access the burners and take them apart.


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