Hi All
I am new to this forum so please bare with me.
I just purchased a new Maax Maestro and am happy with in most part
BUT I am very very disappointed in the pressure /volume I am getting out
of the six body jets .. The bathroom is all new with new pressure tank in basement
I have the 1/2 inch fittings but am running 3/4 inch right up to thermostatic valve .
My plumber told me you have more then enough pressure (60 lb)
but hitting bottle neck in thermostatic valve which looks smaller then 1/2 inch .
Went to Home Depot to check out why I am getting nothing . They said it is regulated
how much water you can use like only using 2.5 gal in a toilet . Does any one have any ideas
how to by pass this so I can get some therapeutic therapy out of this system . This was not a cheap install
any ANY help would be of much help . Are their better thermostatic valves that I could install
to make this blast ............Thanks Bill