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Thread: Grohe Grohsafe Pressure Balance Valve

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    Default Grohe Grohsafe Pressure Balance Valve

    I just got done installing this valve in a new shower I built. Based on what I was told (and sold) at the plumbing supply, I installed a diverter for a hand shower on the output of this valve. Now (too late), I am reading the instructions and it says not to install a shut-off on the output leg of the valve. I am worried that I have effectively done that if I use a hand shower with an on/off function.

    What is the reason for not having a shut-off on the output of the valve?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default valve

    Not sure about this valve, but usual reason is that you might tend to use THAT on/off valve instead of the one in the valve, thus subjecting portions of the valve to unusual pressures, and possibly creating back flow or crossover problems in the piping system.

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    Thanks for the fast reply. That makes sense to me. I guess that I will need to make sure that the water is always shut off at the main valve after the shower is used.

    Any other ideas or advice??


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