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Thread: Sump Pump discharging onto lawn

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    Default Sump Pump discharging onto lawn

    Hey Guys

    I am new to your forum but love that there is a place I can find advice and tips.

    Currently I have an issue with my house and the thawing of the ice on my lawn. It is causing my sump pump to discharge every half an hour or so. I am not sure if that is an issue but its causing the water to flow all over my front lawn and into the house via the basement.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for me? Should I attach a pipe and run it to the street?



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    It sounds like your pump is doing its job, but that it might need to do less if you had some different landscaping. A pipe out across the yard would not necessarily guarantee the discharged water would not find its way back to the house. You might need to have someone come out to take a look at your drainage issue(s) and suggest some options.


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