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Thread: Water Pulsating

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    Default Water Pulsating

    I have an Wellsaver LPT20 tank. air pressure is set at 28lbs two below start up. Problem is water is pulsating in the house and presure gauge is cycleing on and off as well as pressure jumping up and down....Thought i might have air in lines, so shut off water and opened all valves. When iturned water back on had steady 60 lbs pressure and good water flo NO pulse...BUT as soon as i cut one faucet off problem starts back...HELP

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    It sounds like your bladder tank is shot.

    turn off the pump and open a faucet to let out all water pressure from your home, then check the tank pressure by letting out all the air and see if any water comes out... If all is OK check the 1/4 " tube going up to the pressure switch and be sure it is clear lastly it may be a bad diaphragm on the bottom of the switch...

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    All new tanks come with no water in them and that is how and when the air pressure setting is done, with the tank empty.

    If the pressure tank is in a basement, or below the highest fixture in the house, you should drain the pressure tank to check or adjust the air pressure because the weight of the water in the lines will cause a false pressure setting of .433 lbs per foot of water above the tank. Plus with the faucets closed, and water in the tank, the air volume will not be correct although the pressure will look correct the bladder will not be stretched correctly in operation of the system.

    Incorrect air pressure and subsequent volume is the primary cause of failure of precharged captive air tanks. Short cycling of the pump causes tank failure sooner tha nif the air pressure and volume was correct.
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    Default Possibly a bad tank?

    It sounds like a bad tank. Hopefully the pressure switch pressure line input is near the tank.

    Cycling kills pumps; tanks and pressure switches. I would suggest that if and when you replace the tank that you would also install a Cycle Stop Valve www.cyclestopvalves.com. If replacing the tank you may also want to consider Cycle Stop Valves new Pside-Kick when replacing your existing tank.

    A Cycle Stop Valve will stop cycling and give you constant pressure (like city water pressure).


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