Recently came across a couple of "interesting" places:
1) A plumbing forum strictly....might say viciously... for plumbers only. No DIY. Frankly, they grumble a lot, and don't seem to have a lot of fun!

2) A place where anyone can ask a question about literally anthing...from cars to legal to plumbing.....and an "expert" will offer to provide an answer....for a FEE! I am almost embarrassed to say that last weekend I paid $9 to find out how to get the power window back up on my Ford Contour. Went down, and stayed down. I was desparate! It only rains one day a year in San Diego, and it looked like Saturday night was going to be that day! Maybe I would have figured it out by myself, but just getting in there was a challenge. He detailed how to get at the motor and remove it...the push the regulator up by hand and wedge a 1X2 under it to hold it up until I can get my mechanic to fix the darn thing. I figure the 9 bucks was well spent. By the way, the forum "suggested" price range was 9 to offer what you think it is worth, and presumably get a faster or better response with more money! It is an honor system. You offer to pay, but the payment is not committed until you feel the answer is worth it, and accept the answer. You can say no.

I thought about it, and for 2 reasons, would not want to do the fee thing in the plumbing arena:
a) This is too much fun!
b) Who wants the liability that you give someone some advice, he screw it up and floods out a $10,000 harrdwood floor, or his water heater catches fire!

Anyone else has seen such forums? What do you think?