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Thread: Cast Iron Baseboard---shorten?

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    Default Cast Iron Baseboard---shorten?

    Hello all!

    I've got some experience installing cast iron radiators, but I've got one here that I'm unsure about. It's the cast iron baseboard radiator pictured below. This thing has what look like 2 seams, one 4' from one end, the other 3.5' from the other end...looks like it might be 3 sections. Can these typically be shortened like the full-size cast iron rads? If so, how difficult is it to a: get the sections apart, and b: get the thing back together without leaks.

    Any help/information/links would be appreciated, Thanks!

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    Default baseboard

    Getting it apart is as easy as removing the bolt at the joint and flexing the baseboard at the seam. Getting it together without leaking will usually require new radiator nipples because the old ones will have been compressed when it was originally assembled.


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