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Thread: deck mount tub with integral hand held shower diverter

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    Default deck mount tub with integral hand held shower diverter

    I am looking for a deck mount bathtub spout with a hand-held shower diverter built into the body of the spout.

    I have found many of these for wall mounted spouts & I can find deck mounted shower/faucet arrangements with provision for hand-held shower heads, but they all would require putting a new hole in my tub deck (for the hand-held shower head) and/or rearranging or adding to the plumbing under the deck. Basically, I am hoping to be able to simpy unscrew the old spout & screw in the new one, just like I could with the all of the wall mount spouts I found.

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    Talking it aint going to happen the easy way

    you are not going to be able to just screw off
    the old spout and put in a hanld held pull out sprayer..

    it is not that easy
    and this is the real world we are talking about .

    the best one you can buy is made by Delta....

    we have a few collecting dust on our shelves but
    they take another two holes in the tub ledge to make them work...

    it is a pretty complicated mess to install even on the original rough inn ..

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    Default shower

    1. The deck spouts do not just "unscrew"
    2. Sometimes they are not even removable.
    3. They are not generic so you will not find a diverter spout that just slips into place.
    4. They do not make anything like that anyway.
    5. If it is a plastic tub, there is no problem with making another hole.
    6. You will still need an entirely new valve unless you can find someone who will sell you just the diverter valve and hand held, (which is often specific to that diverter), portions.


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