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Thread: Leaky drain vent on roof

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    Default Leaky drain vent on roof

    Maybe someone can help me.
    I have these two drain pipes on my roof. One is from my toilet, and one is from my kitchen sink.
    When it rains, these pipes both leak !! the water rides down the side of them all the way to the cellar !! what should I do ?

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    Is it up 3 storys and You're in a wheelchair! One story and You're fit and handy?
    pitched roof with comp shingles? Flat tar and gravel? Fire away I'm a GC

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    Default Vents leaking

    Assuming that your vents are not damaged below the roof level, get some Henry's Roof Patch and patch around the flashing or the base of the vents. Because of the shingles, you can't always get to the base of the vent(s). A roofing professional would be a logical choice if the job is beyond you.

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    For my typical pitched roof, I have a molded rubber boot that slips down over the pipe and has a flange that can be nailed or cemented to the roof. Uphill from the vent pipe, the flange of the boot should be tucked in under the shingles.


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