Hello all,

I need some help. I am going to be running a drain line of PVC to a black drain line in my house that I have never seen before. It looks like PVC but it is black and says NSF DWV on it in a box. I assume that is the type of pipe. It also says ASTMF-628-912302941311 1 1/2 inch. Well that's the size..lol. SAMCO IPS. There is more I think but it hides behind the wall and is covered up. I am running PVC from my fish tank to this drain pipe and tapping in. I just need to know if it is possible to join PVC to this drain pipe? The pipe itself is for my washing machine. Will there be a problem using the same cement or anything? I am just curious if anyone has done this before? I don't want to start something I can not finish. Please let me know if you have any opinions. Thanks so much!