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Thread: bathroom sink clogged after snaking with black sludge

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    Exclamation bathroom sink clogged after snaking with black sludge


    Need some help quick! My bathroom sink was draining rather slowly along with a toilet that when flushed, makes a gurgling sound in the shower stall. The toilet does not overflow. (when the shower drain is closed, I do not hear the gurgle)

    I decided to snake out the bathroom sink. I first disconnected my trap. I used a hand turned 25 foot snake that is 1/4" and snaked out the drain via the pipe leading into the wall for the bathroom sink. When I retrieved the snake, there was some hair on it and a whole lot of black sludge . I reconnected my trap and figured all I had to do was flush the line with hot water. As soon as the water went down the drain, jet-black-smelly-sludge came up the drain and now the sink will not drain at all. I am afraid to flush my toilet not knowing what will happen. If you can help, I need some real quick! (from looking from the basement below the bathroom,it does appear that the sink drains into the same line as the toilet which is directly connected to the main stack) THanks so much
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