Not for sure if I have this posted in the right area or not - I'm new to the forums. If I need to relocate - let me know or a moderator can relocate it for me.....

Here's my issue-

I had lived alone (for about 6 years) in my 1100 sq ft ranch home up to June of last year when my fiancee and her 2 girls (9 and 7 yrs old) moved in. I had the septic tank emptied just after they moved in because I anticipated a quite a bit more water usage and I knew the 1500 gal tank was way over due. This was the first time it had been emptied since I bought the house in 1996 (I know it should be emptied every 3 - 5 yrs) . Ever since having it emptied, I can smell a sewage odor (H2S?) on the back side of my house (close to where the vent pipe is located on the roof) on a breezy day. I have climbed up the roof and verified that it's the same smell coming out of the roof vent. I have never smelled this odor before until after the tank was emptied. I thought it would eventually go away but it hasn't yet.

Any thoughts anyone????????

I have had no problems with the leech beds (knock on wood). I have a diversion/splitter box after the tank that allows me to alternate between the two leech beds (I do it every spring). I just added some Rid-X for the first time about 2 weeks ago thinking that maybe there's no biological matter in the tank to break things down. Could the waste be going septic? If so, how can I fix this problem????????

Please help....