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Thread: Oatey No-Calk fiberglass shower base drain

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    Default Oatey No-Calk fiberglass shower base drain

    Hello to all! I am installing a new Swanstone shower base into a new master bathroom. I have no access to the drain from underneath so I am using a "Oatey ABS no-Calk Fiberglass showerbase drain". I have read a few OLD post about placing the no-calk fitting onto the 2" ABS drain and just tightening it "enough" to compress the rubber seal around the pipe. The plumber left me about 4" of 2" abs coming out of the floor. How close should I trim the ABS to the floor to install the shower pan and base drain? Should I use silicone on the compression rings? After I tighten it, should I apply silicone to the upper side of the compression rings? The only way I will be able to tell if it leaks is if the plaster starts getting wet in the kitchen below...

    As usual, thank you in advance. This sight is most helpful to us rookies!!!


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    A compression fitting used just that, compression to create the seal. You don't want any silicon there. Not familiar with that specific drain. Some of them rely on the installation of a bushing from the top. Do you have a link to the installation instructions?
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    Default Link to swanstone

    Here is the link to Swanstone installation. Details are on the third page.

    Thank you

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    After looking at the picture on the instalation instructions, it kind of looks like it should be even with the subfloor???

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    Also - Understand not putting silicone on the compression fitting. Should I use anything at all? petroleum jelly?


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