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Thread: failed sump pump, efferescence and slow toilet

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    Default failed sump pump, efferescence and slow toilet

    I am new to understanding how sump pumps effect other areas of the house and would like some help. One of my 2 sump pumps has stopped working (after the main power to the house was shut off by the electric co) and since then I notice efferescense on the cinderblock walls in some areas. If I look inside the pump I can see water sitting about a foot down. These sump pumps work with a french drain and also are tied into a bigger drainage system a ways back outside my property. Also, around the same time my first level powder room toilet started to overflow at times and run sluggish with a girgelly sound. I had the plumber out and he said the toilet was fine and that it may be the sewer lines. Could this all be connected? I had a water proofing co. out to my house and tried to sell me 10,000 dollar system, not even suggesting that I fix the one sump pump and see what happens. Can someone please help with educating me on this issues. The drainage system was put in by a reputable builder who built the house for himself and the first 2 years living here (I've been here 2 1/2 years) the basement was dry as toast. Thank you. Robin

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    Well it sounds like you have 2 problems.

    #1 You need to replace the sump pump. That pump was probably put there for a reason or someone had too much time and money so they got board and put one there. So yes why not replace it.

    #2 Sounds like you had a blockage in the toilet line for the powder room. It sounds like a vent line is blocked by the given description. But if the plumber says it was a sewer line being clogged that could of lead to the vent getting clogged. Depending on the layout of the house (plumbing) a 50 foot snake down the roof could fix the vent.

    Questions for you…
    Do you have a septic system?
    Dose the sump pump plumbing go right into the household plumbing or can you tell?

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    Default thanks

    I cannot tell, but do know that the sump pump is fed by a french drain, a tube coming out of the outside wall about 5 feet about the floor and that it is channeled to an outside line that leads to a large drain. I do have exposed plumbing in the ceiling and can look, I know there is a sewer line that runs above, should I see if it runs down into the sump pump? I will look into the 50 foot snake being fed down the line from the roof as you suggested as well. Also, it is public sewage, not a septic system.

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    Why not switch the 2 sump pumps over to dump in to the sewer system. If you did it you should do it with shutoff valves so you can switch them back to your drain field if needed.

    As far as running the snake down you vents line it is just a chance that it will end up at his right place to clear the blockage. If you get a good plumber in and let him her the sounds and explain when it started and let him look around he will be able to tell what pip and be able to fix it. but that will tack a good plumber to do that.

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    Thank you. I have someone coming to clean and seal my walls. I checked the sump pump and they are both working now. I have someone doing bathroom remodeling on my second floor and has to revent the vent pipe anyway, so hopefully I will be lucky. This is an educational experience. Thanks again. Robin


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