Second Pressure Tank at Third Home with 1/2” Service line

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Current set up is one 20 gallon pressure tank at the well pump with a 40/60 pressure switch.

There are currently three houses on the property being fed off of one well/pump and pressure tank. It looks like the original pressure tank would have been much larger, but had been reduced in size because only one of the houses was occupied by one person before the property was sold recently.

I am repiping the furthest house from the pump/pressure tank (2.5 bath to be used as a summer/winter cabin) which is fed by a 1/2” line from the next closest house, approximately 100’ between the houses. That house is fed by a 3/4” line after the pressure tank, approximately 100’.

My primary concern is with the 1/2” line between the houses and related flow/pressure drop. During the winter, the house may be used as a holiday gathering place where the house may be occupied by 5+ people.

Does it make sense to add a 50 gallon pressure tank at the furthest house and repipe with 3/4” trunk lines throughout after that pressure tank? Should I add a check valve feeding into this pressure tank? Could I add a cycle stop valve at the pump/pressure tank setup (still using the existing 20 gallon tank) to manage the pressure lag between that tank and the furthest tank?

Or does the homeowner need to seriously consider running a new larger service line between the house and the pump house? This seems like the ideal solution to me and the homeowner, but obviously requires extensive digging along a somewhat narrow dirt road approximately 175’.

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The 1/2" line is a little small, but strong constant pressure from a CSV will squirt more water through small pipe. At 5 GPM flow you will loose 9 PSI in 100' of 1/2" pipe. You can turn up the pump pressure settings by 10 PSI to make up for that. Instead of a 40/60 switch with 50 PSI constant, I would use a 50/70 switch with the CSV set to deliver 60 PSI constant. Use no larger than a single 20 gallon tank, as that only holds 5 gallons of water and you won't have to wait long for the pump to start, which is when the CSV will start delivering 60 PSI constant to the houses.

CSV1A with 20 gallon tank and 6 houses.png
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