Pan Liner Patch and Slope Concern

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I hired a recommended pro to install preslope, liner, and final slope.

1. Liner was cut too deep at the threshold so water test failed. Pro is out of town so I used Oatey X-15 to patch (3" overlap) and will install dam corners prior to reinstalling. Should I redo the whole liner or are these patches trustworthy?

For what it's worth, I intend to redguard the walls, bench, threshold and possibly some of the mud bed prior to tiling.

2. Very minor puddling- should I be concerned? I am a perfectionist, but this very minor puddling may be reasonable.

Advice and comments would be much appreciated. As we know, it is critical that we get the liner right :)


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1. Properly installed dam corners or patches on the curb work fine.
2. Depends on how much and how big the depression is. YOu might be able to flatten out the slope with a cement based patching material or even some thinset if it's not too deep.

It doesn't look like the studs were notched out to provide space for the liner so things will lay flat in the corners. Depends on the tile whether that will be an issue.

The typical way to anchor the cement board on the walls is to embed it in the mudbed of the setting layer. Keep in mind that not all cbu are created equal. You cannot do that with a fiber-cement board, and a common one is HardieBacker. There is a different method required in a shower if you are using that material verses a 'normal' cbu. is a good source of things related to tiling and building a shower...the whole site is dedicated to that subject and lots of traffic and professionals participate to help answer your questions on that subject.
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