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The Three Legged Chicken

A guy is driving on a back country road one day, when out of the corner of his eye next to his moving car, he sees a chicken. Not only that, but the chicken is keeping up with the car. It's then that the guy notices that the chicken has 3 legs!

The guy speeds up to outrun the chicken, but sure enough, a few seconds later, it's back keeping the pace. He speeds up again, and to his amazement, the chicken runs right past him and makes a 90 degree turn into a farm. The guy pulled into the farm, asking the farmer about the three-legged chicken.

Guy: "Hey, you might not believe this, but I just saw a three-legged chicken bolt into your barn over there."

Farmer: "Oh, yeah, that's my chicken alright! I've got a dozen of 'em!"

Guy: "Why would you raise three-legged chickens?"

Farmer: "Well the idea is, I like chicken legs, my wife likes chicken legs, and my son likes chicken legs. So when we sit down for a meal, we all get a leg!"

Guy: "Jeez, that's some good thinking. So how do they taste?"

Farmer: "Not yet sure; we haven't been able to catch one!"

May your holiday be filled with peace and joy!

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