Navien 240-A2 NaviCirc loop question

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Seattle, WA

I am changing my 50-gallon electric tank for a Navien 240A2 (Propane) this weekend.

My tank is currently in a central place in my home. One direction feeds hot water to the bathrooms, and the washing machine, and the other direction to the kitchen (sink and dishwasher). So I have "two hot water runs" in reality.

If I don't want to tear open the basement ceiling to run two dedicated returns, can I install two navi-circ thermal valves, one in the laundry room (furthest) and one in the kitchen (other furthest)? I think I understand the settings on the unit itself, and the need for a spring one-way check valve, etc.

My brain is telling me this will work, but I can't find much info on using multiple thermal valves. My local plumbing supply place (they are awesome) agreed it should work, but couldn't find much info either,

So, can I have multiple thermal-check valves on different branches with the 240-A2?

Eventually, I WILL install a dedicated line, probably one in both directions, but not yet...
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