Looking for suggestions on my older system.

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My system is 12 years old, and I've changed the media in the softener and Iron filter twice. the water is hard, has sulfur and or bacterial iron and tannins. at this time, I have 1 cubic ft of resin and 1/2 cubic ft of purolite A-850 resin in the softener. the Iron filter has 1 cubic ft of Birm and topped with centaur carbon to help remove chlorine. the Iron filter is the older version of the new AIO's but works the same way I assume.

I was wondering if I could stop using the tannin resin as it's so costly now and use some better resin in the softener?

I would really like to get rid of the chlorine retention tank and pump as it's always so much to keep up with? I know I could go peroxide but just tired of it.

I know the Birm is fouled as I was told I couldn't run chlorine through it, but It's too late at this point.

Is there any new media I could put in the AIO that will just backwash without additives?
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