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I've done a bunch of reading in this forum, but I could use some help. I'd greatly appreciate anyone who can provide guidance so I can buy a good value WS that lasts a long time (Clack and Fleck seem to be the front runners). I'm getting overwhelmed with information. I feel like the experts on this forum can sort me out.

3.5 bath on city water, family of 4, use around 200 GPD, City Water...I have an RO for drinking water in the kitchen. House is less than 2 years old.

Here is some data from the water report:
Hardness = 245
Sodium = 89
THMs (ug/L) = 38.2
HAA5 (ug/L) = 13.5
Chloramines (mg/L) = 2.36
Chlorite (mg/L) = 0.41
Chlorine Dioxide (ug/L) = 10

What size unit would you recommend?

Which upgrades are great value and worthwhile based on my water?
- Resin 10%?
- Separate Back Flow Carbon filter?
- Hybrid tank with dual media instead of separate carbon filter?
- Vor-tech tank?

Which valve: Fleck 5600SXT, 5800SXT, Clack WS1, or WS1.25?
My copper loop is 1.25" but it seems unnecessary. In fact the plumber who did the rough plumbing said he always oversizes on a new build. Not sure if that is standard.

Located in San Diego so open to any recommendations of great installers. Please PM me if you know anyone. Also open to DIY since the loop is in place.
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