Does anyone here know much about making or repairing dentures?!

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Ten years ago I was in the process of getting an upper denture and a partial lower when my old-school dentist met the end of his days. I still had four upper teeth to be pulled and he told me to never let anyone pull the remaining six on the bottom. All was well with the ten teeth I still had until about two weeks ago when I became aware it was time to get rid of the top four before the two that had begun hurting had become unbearable. After one dentist had said $5000.00 would cover everything, I quickly began looking for a different one and ended up with a total just under $2000.00. I now have a temporary upper but have told that dentist I will not be back for anything more with the upper or for the lower partial...and the reason for that has to do with poor workmanship.

I have been doing a lot of reading and watching "How to" videos, and I now have some tools, materials and supplies on the way...and at the moment I have this initial question:

Can the acrylic denture material be spot-heated -- I think it would take about 600 degrees F -- and re-shaped? I already have past experience in using a small, low-pressure stream of hot air and a filler rod to weld PVC, and I know acrylic can at least be heated and shaped. However, I do not know at what point it might shrivel away or become too molten or whatever. My specific situation has to do with nothing more than wanting to heat-and-indent the inside of the denture where it is presently bulging into the top of my mouth in order to temporarily allow room for my tender spots that will eventually shrink away where my top teeth used to be.

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