weil mclain

  1. K

    I apparently have the most unsolvable boiler problem

    I have a 23-year-old weil mclain GV series 3 boiler. So far I have had 5 professional tech companies come in each one of them said, "oh this is 100% the issue"... and all of them have been wrong!! I've probably spent accumulative of 8-10 hours on the phone with well McClain tech support...
  2. K

    Weil-mclain boiler clank at startup

    I have a Gold GV Series 3 (±20 years old) that had the motherboard, ignitor, gas valve replaced this winter as I lost all heat & hot H2O in the dead of Colorado winter. With the new parts, I got back up & running BUT this weird clank clank clank clank happens when it goes to fire up. I do not...
  3. Jameslee

    The best boiler to replace Weil Mclain Ultra 230 (Series 2 circa 2006)

    Hello, everyone. I am seeking advice/recommendations on the boiler replacement. We never had a boiler system at home, so I do not have any first-hand experience with any boiler brands, and your experience and input would be greatly appreciated. Current Boiler setup: 2 X Weil Mclain Ultra...
  4. Alucard

    Weil McLain CG model overheating & prv dripping

    My gas fired boiler temp guage reads 250 or more sometimes, my pressure relief valve drips and I believe the water pressure in boiler is at about 15 but this doesn't seem to move, guage is a bit hard to read-I have a two story house. Heat in house is working fine. We have hot water base boards...
  5. Mark Wilson

    Loud Screeching Noise when Furnace Turns On

    Hi everybody. I'm not a plumber but have fixed some plumbing issues in the past. I'd like some advice to see if I can fix this issue myself. I have a Weil McLaine CGM-4 (https://www.weil-mclain.com/sites/default/files/field-file/cgm-series-10-manual_1.pdf). When the thermostat kicks on, some of...
  6. tom selis

    gv 4 series 1 pressure level drops shortly after ignition causing shutdown

    my gv wont stay lit after ignition due to pressure sw opening.. pressure switch is set at 1.4 in water. i measured the pressure at 1.5 in water upon start up using a manometer as soon as ignition occurs the pressure suddenly drops to approx 0.8 in during firing , the pressure reads 1.0 in...
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