valve leak

  1. KiviP

    Compression supply valve tightness

    Hey guys! I am a DYI'er and I am generally comfortable with plumbing except the 'just feels right' parts. Compression valves are notorious for that. I have 4 copper stubouts in my new bathroom that I put 5/8 compression valves on. I got the Proflo brand from Ferguson. One thing I recognized is...
  2. Endless Motion

    Dripping Delta Shower head, cartridge (RP46074) for 13/14 series replaced and still drips

    Our Delta shower head started dripping after being shut off and would not stop. Its a 13/14 series and takes the RP46074 cartridge which is just coming up on five years since the home was built. I purchased another Delta RP46074 cartridge and replaced the old one. After turning off the valve...
  3. Kam?

    Brasscraft compression valve spontaneous leak

    We installed Brasscraft compression valves for sinks and toilets in new house. All worked well. Months later, different valves have spontaneously begun to leak. This has happened to different valves at different locations in house. Each leaked on different days, sometimes months apart. There was...
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