1. Theyegis

    Toilet fill valve making continuous hissing sound

    Hi all. First time poster here so apologies for any mistakes. My fill valve has recently started to make a pretty steady hissing sound, even when not flushing. Here's the link to two videos to demonstrate this: In the shorter one, you can even see a...
  2. BobinTN

    Three Stories, Three Baths, Schematic Needed for DWV

    Hello, New here and I have had a lot of building experience in my 74 years. I do have a question though -- A new house is being planned and there will be three baths basically stacked from the basement level to the third floor. So there will be three bathrooms total. The basement has a...
  3. Terry

    Discussions on toilets, wherever we find them.

    A few links that may be interesting.
  4. RGK

    Toto Eco Soirée or Kohler Tresham

    Trying to pick toilet for bathroom remodel. Style in bathroom is transitional. We want something one piece and fully skirted, not crazy depth or height that flushes well, is relaible. Etc. We have narrowed it down to 2, Toto Eco soirée and Kohler Tresham 1 piece. Wondering if either is...
  5. Cocobrown

    Soda Can in Pipes

    There is a reason I am asking this. Is it possible for a soda can to be flushed down a toilet?
  6. Sean W.

    Toto Aquia II (2 piece) vs Toto Vespin II (2 piece)

    Need some thoughts on which one to go with? Essentially we need a 1.28 flush or .9/1.6 so either works. Will be used by the public but cleaned daily. Does the Aquia II truly have skidding after every use? I'm leaning towards that one because of the looks but the Vespin has CEFIONTECT, a larger...
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