1. S

    International plumbing Threads : i have done a research for months and identified main threads worldwide , any thoughts from your sides

    i have done many researches worldwide ,and identified main plumbing threads worldwide i have been dealing with international plumbers and have gathered many information i would like to hear your throughts do you face any issues using worldwide plumbing fixtures in your countries ?
  2. Dvid

    Woodford 17 Anti-Siphon Thread Damage?

    One of my Woodford 17 outside spigots was leaking from the top. Ordered a replacement anti-siphon kit. When I went to remove the old one it was totally gunked with mineral deposits. Used vinegar and backing soda and a toothbrush and it loosened up enough to use channel locks to get it started...
  3. TheOverThinker

    Installing anode rode into the electric element hole. Thread FIP or?

    I'm working with a 1982 tank, still in operation, and wanting to change the anode rod. Can I use the electric element ports instead? However, the original anode is not coming out at this point, it's too late by a decade or so. It's a Rheem Solaride 120 tank, with two unused element ports...
  4. chad19

    How to connect 3/4" FIP to 1/2" MIP

    Hello, I have a tankless water heater that has 1/2" MIP and my water lines are 3/4" I need a 3/4" MIP to 1/2" FIP. I need this to be lead free/potable. Is there such a fitting? If not, how can I make this work? Thanks!
  5. Chloe85

    Adapter won't come off kitchen faucet

    I purchased a portable washing machine. Before installing the hoses to the kitchen faucet, I removed the aerator from the faucet, then I screwed the adapter (that came with the washing machine) onto the faucet. Now I'm returning the washer and am unable to remove the adapter from the faucet...
  6. JHZR2

    Flat vs pointed-top tapered threads

    Im replacing the shower arm that was ca. 1975 when the bathroom was redone with all USA-made Kohler stuff. The shower arm is just too low and Im too tall, plus our shower head sprung a leak. (Im putting this in the general forum because Im primarily curious about threads and sealing, not the...
  7. Drew Toddsby

    Properly tighten black steel gas piping

    Hey guys! Longtime lurker, first time poster. I'm in the process of teeing off a gas line for a new gas dryer in our second story mudroom / laundry room. We currently have a gas furnace in the attic and gas water heater in the garage. I bear crawled through the attic to trace the gas line from...
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