1. S

    New service line to hilltop at distance.

    Hey guys, I’ve read a lot of posts on the forum, but I think I’ve got a situation different enough to warrant a separate post. I want to run a water line to a new house site on my land from county water at the street. I understand that a well is an option, but let’s please keep that out of...
  2. justin13

    Annoyed with constantly texting customers?

    Hi Community, I was hoping to generate some discussion around your biggest pain points and frustrations with customer communication. Consumers are texting more - and they want more immediate responses. Are you seeing this in your business too? I'm exploring building a service to help myself...
  3. Theo N.

    What could cause hammer-like sound at water service entry point?

    I believe I hear a shuddering sound emanating from my 1" Uponor PEX water service line, puzzlingly during times (like at 4:00 AM) when we have no open valves in the house and in fact the house has rested for hours. The underground line surfaces in the crawlspace of my 1-level ranch. It's then...
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