1. Rotty20

    Need to replace tub spout adapter line.

    I mistakenly over tightened my set screw on tub spout now need to replace the short copper pipe to it. I have PEX connected to it now, to valves and shower head. I have access to the back. Am I better off heating from the front or rear? Either way there's wood. I'll use a pie plate to save some...
  2. Unsped42

    Tub Diverter Spout ID? Delta

    Anyone know what brand this might be or any other info? It has a white plastic ball at the end that plugs the spout, the diverter when used prevents the ball from seating. The internal plastic piece has two halves that unscrew. There are 3 pictures in the album, you can click the next arrows to...
  3. Tempuserjordan

    Need help replacing Delta RP5834 Tub Spout

    Recently my diverter for my tub spout broke, alongside it already being old and not working super well, it needed to be replaced. I had done a light amount of research and sadly, before taking the faucet off, didn't realize that some come with these "adapters". I am afraid to damage any crucial...
  4. Terry

    Delta RP5834 tub spout installation with pictures

    Delta makes a good replacement tub spout that works with 1/2" iron pipe nipples or copper pipe. A lot of older homes from the 70's and older may have threaded nipples for tub spouts. Some newer ones are copper. This spout works with both, as long as you know how to solder copper and have the...
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