1. Neil.Steiner

    Questions about Hansgrohe iBox rough-in

    I've been looking at a Hansgrohe rough-in plus trim for a shower/tub remodel, but I'm very unclear on the iBox connections. Firstly, the iBox specifications describe the connections as "thread Rp ¾" with "dimension DN20." That sounds pretty foreign to me, although based on Terry's and...
  2. DJ O

    DWV Rough in Question

    I am adding a new master bathroom to my house and wanted some feedback on my diagram before I start gluing the drain and vent pipes together. I ran a new 3" drain to my basement and I am going to tie that into the main sewer drain. Then upstairs it goes to a 3" San tee directly to a 3" 90 to...
  3. Grim Reaper

    Thermostatic Shower Valve - Need to know the make/manufacturer

    I do not know the make/manufacturer of this Thermostatic Shower Valve that is malfunctioning. It is difficult to turn, makes a scraping sound when turned, doesn't appear to regulate temperature, hot is lukewarm even when the control is at the hottest setting. I am fairly certain I need to...
  4. EdNC

    Garage Bathroom Rough-In Piping

    I am in need of some guidance regarding Rough-In piping in my pole barn before I pour the concrete slab. The bathroom is 6'x9' as shown in the diagram. Blue are 2" pipes and Green are 3" pipes. Will this setup pass inspection. Do I need a vent for the shower? Do I also need a Clean-out...
  5. moore1289

    Review of Basement Shower and Toilet Plumbing

    I'm adding a toilet and Shower to my basement and I'm unsure on the venting. My vanity is on the other side of the main drain and is straight forward. Please see the diagram I've attached. I have the Toilet venting up through the wall between the shower and toilet, and the shower emptying...
  6. TroyS

    Bathtub installation

    I'm getting ready to install a bathtub in my basement. The basement has already been stubbed out for a full bathroom. So I bought a tub and a drain kit and attached the drain kit to the tub. At this point I'm trying to figure out the exact location the tub will go, based on the drain. This...
  7. C Sconzert

    Toto Drake ST454E Rough-in >> help!

    I called Toto and did not get the answer I was hoping for so I'm trying here for you creative Pro's before I give up.... I bought this TOTO toilet for a bath remodel several years ago. The remodel went sideways for a long time (don't ask), and now we are finally in the end zone. BUT the rough in...
  8. Christina C

    Unifit Flange Question

    I used this forum so much a few years ago when we redid our bathroom. I also discovered my favorite toilet ever, the Toto. I'm familiar with the unifit flange having installed one on over a concrete slab 3 years ago. We are going to redo our back bathroom and I need to know if I can install the...
  9. Andrew in Toronto

    To offset flange or not to offset flange in a apartment?

    My AS toilet is broken and needs to be replaced -- its 30 years old. I live in an condo apartment building (located in Toronto and built in 1975 if that makes a difference) and the existing toilet has a rough-in of 10 3/8 inches measured to the tile on the wall. If I understand correctly my...
  10. Simon Groce

    Critique my DWV diagram

    Thanks for all the great advice over the years!
  11. NoClue64

    Help with Console Sink Rough Plumbing

    I am replacing a pedestal sink with a console sink(3-hole). I am renovating the entire bathroom so I have opened the wall behind the sink and have the opportunity to make changes to the rough-in required for the console sink(exposed drain and supply lines). I have included a picture of the...
  12. AnTonC

    15.5 Inch Rough-in

    Hello, I know variations of the question get asked a lot, but here is my personal situation. I recently moved into a new (used) house with a basement bathroom where the toilet has a 15.5 inch rough-in (house built in 2012), which has almost a 5 inch gap between the tank and the wall. Because...
  13. hammerpocket

    Moving toilet rough-in

    I currently have about a 15-inch rough-in and have rejected the Toto Unifit offerings because of the other specs (specifically, we want a round bowl and a seat height no more than 16 inches), so I'm looking at moving the rough-in and installing a Toto Eco Ultramax. I have easy access to the...
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