rotten egg

  1. Andy.O

    New Water Heater and Rotten Egg Smell

    We have lived in our house for 5 years, and have loved our well water and Kinetico water softener system. I realized our water heater was 22 years old so, instead of waiting for it to stop working, I replaced it about 3 weeks ago on a weekend it was convenient. However, almost immediately I...
  2. BKH2323

    Pew! My water smells strongly of rotten eggs.

    Help! I moved into a new home in February and the water smells strongly of rotten eggs. None of my neighbors are having the same issue. I would like to get professional advice without someone trying to sell me something. Where should I go?! What should I do?! Details: - Strong rotten egg smell...
  3. John Cox

    Working softener, rotten egg smell

    Just moved into this house (new to use). The well was last chlorinated in April 2016 by a local water service here. It was tested for bacteria as well as a condition of the home sale. We have a rotten egg or sewer smell in both hot and cold taps, every faucet, including outside spickets...
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