1. Jag_Man653

    How to diagnose Rain Bird valve problem

    The flow to one of my Rain Bird controlled yard irrigation flow paths continues to flow once it's turned on by the Rain Bird control box. If I disconnect the the wire at the control box, there is no flow. That's what I've done to keep it from running 24-7. What is the most likely cause? Should...
  2. Wyeast

    Bathroom wet venting design feedback

    Looking for some feedback on a bathroom drain system that I am knee deep in -> I am building a large detached garage in Washington state with an upstairs living area which includes a bathroom (lavatory, toilet and shower). After many hours of reading this forum and the UPC, I've ran through...
  3. Dark_abyss_

    Commercial Toilet in Residential

    Have an American Standard Toilet with a manual Flush valve (6047.161.002) and the wall mounted toilet (3351101.020). Installation is going in a church with a 3/4 inch line, which doesn't quite have enough pressure. Other than a new bowl, my thoughts were an in wall tank might work in the 6 inch...
  4. chase h

    Water near gas meter and kitchen sink wash out

    I'm a complete novice to everything plumbing, but I noticed it was a little damp near the gas meter in the backyard. This is also right on the opposite side of the kitchen sink and there is a washout (I think that's what it is) on the wall. Is this anything to be alarmed by? The house is 1972...
  5. Art CUdmore

    Grease at residential well casing.

    I just noticed water in the area around my well casing. I could not see exactly where the leak was coming from, nothing obvious at the above ground joints, but there is a pile of watery grey grease that is building up next to the casing. The pile of grease is about 3" high which seems like a...

    To share or not to share a well

    I'm currently building a house and the contractor has asked me if I'm interested in sharing a well with a potential neighbor. It's my first time having a well and I'm not sure if it's worth the headache of sharing a well for an upfront savings of about $2000 and splitting the cost of repair...
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