relief valve

  1. J

    Thermal expansion - check valve

    Hello, Our new house has a hot water dedicated recirculation system that was installed with only a single check valve, a Euroblock spring check valve that is supposed to prevent the hot water from backflowing into the cold inlet to the water tank/heater. (Not the purpose of this post, but...
  2. Morgan Montague

    Yard hydrant, Pressure relief valve leaking continuously.

    I had this PEX system installed in my yard about 11 years ago. I just turned on the outside water to it which was shut down for Winter back in November. It leaks continously when the hose hydrant handle is turned OFF. I suspect that this is a relief valve of some sort and that there should be...
  3. Mjchevalier

    Can I fix this water heater or is it time for a new one?

    I have an older water heater in my townhouse and my wife noticed there was some water pooling up on the top of it. I took some pictures and have attached them. The water seems to be coming from right where the union nipple goes into the water heater. I am getting the most water from the cold...
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