radiator and boilers

  1. ColinMcM

    old cast iron radiators primary/secondary layout question

    New Utica combi boiler in basement. I am reinstalling three old cast iron radiators on third floor for 600 sq ft tenant apartment (bedroom, bathroom, LR/kitchen). The rads had previously been supplied by steel pipes exposed in rooms running vertical through first and second floors (brick house)...
  2. Eclecticmn

    What pipe metal to use for cast iron radiators?

    When I go to Home Depot I recall seeing black pipe, galv iron, and galv steel piping. What should I use to pipe in cast iron radiators?
  3. Eclecticmn

    What valves to use for hot water cast iron radiators?

    I have a hot water cast iron radiator system. It has separate supply and return pipes. My kitchen had slant fins that never got warm. I do not want to rehash that issue. The kitchen had not seen heat since at least before 1998 I recently learned. In a desperation to troubleshoot I cut the 3/4...
  4. Bogdan Gabriel

    How do I cut off water from a radiator?

    Ok, so recently I moved in to a dorm. I live in a small room, but with a huge radiator, that looks kind of like this: but with that knob on the upper side. Problem is that the knob is missing, and I can't turn off the water. It looks like this: Any idea how I can turn it off by hand, or...
  5. Vin_ny

    New Radiator Air vents Still Hissing

    Hello All. I have a one-pipe steam system. I have a two story cape house from the 1940's. Last heating season, I replaced the second floor air vent on the radiator with a hoffman #40. I was really impressed how quiet it was. This heating season I decided to replace the remaining six radiators...
  6. Jamina Metcalf

    Radiator help!

    I live in California and I want a radiator heating system in my home. It's an old spanish style home built in 1926. There was a furnace in the hallway as the only source of heat. And yes, California is very mild weather, but it can still get pretty cool in the winter mornings. I just want a...
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