radiant hydronic floor

  1. H

    Newly Commissioned Radiant System Not Keeping Up

    Hello there. Have been lurking around these forums for a couple of years now and probably should have asked questions sooner when designing and planning my radiant system for my old house (1920s). After some years of renovation, I finally have almost all my loops up and ready to go. I hastily...
  2. Gillianne

    Radiant floor pipe repair verification please - am I being swindled?

    ARIZONA A bathroom remodel guy in moving a toilet and a tub cut through 5 loops of radiant floor heating. I'm attaching pictures of what this same guy did to repair the pipes: steel crimps and elbows wrapped in different kinds of plastic buried in sand under a thin concrete slab. This...
  3. Frank Lartone

    Modifying distribution to radiant floor zones

    Hello, If anyone would like to offer some ideas that I can implement, I would be grateful. I have a 3350sq house with an approx 2000sqft walk out basement. House has full radiant floor on the upper two levels and the basement has no dedicated heat supply. The basement stays in the upper 50's...
  4. Cold Feet

    Circulator-Mixing Valve Orientation

    Thanks in advance for any help with this issue everyone. I recently installed a new WM Aqua-Balance 120C combi boiler in my 2-story 1911 craftsman. I have CI rads on the first and second floors that were running on one zone previously. As part of this project I zoned the floors separately...
  5. SleepingBear

    Radiant Heat System Design

    I have a question related to the radiant floor system I am installing. Context: The previous owner of our homes (two located on one property 60 feet from one another other) had ½ PEX oxygenated lines run throughout the entirety each structure. Both homes are Insulated concrete form...
  6. Davie

    Hydronic Design in Toronto

    Hi all, I'm doing a reno of my 100-year old, semi-detached, 2-storey, double-brick Edwardian house, and I intend to replace the existing forced air system with an in-floor radiant system. The house is 500sq.ft. per level with an unfinished full size basement. (So 1000sq.ft. of living space...
  7. carriagehousereno

    Designing a new hydronic system for my home, cast iron radiators and radiant floor?

    So i'm about to disconnect my old Weil-McLain boiler and hook up a new Navien NCB 240 combo boiler which we've been using for DHW since January. I know, I've already been told elsewhere on here that the NCB 240 is overkill for the size of the house and may likely not work efficiently because...
  8. Adam Farrow

    Radiant floor with tankless Combi boiler on wood stove

    Before I start calling plumbers I want to know if this is possible and what I need to see if I'm choosing the correct installer. I want a radiant floor heat powered by a wood stove and tankless combiboiler when wood fire dies I want the tankless to pick up the demand. The tankless will be used...
  9. GeraldM

    Is a Navien NCB-240E overkill?

    Hello there, this is my first post to this forum and am hoping for some common sense advice on what to use as a source for space heating and domestic hot water. I live in Oregon in the Willamette Valley and have a 17 year old timber frame with in-floor radiant heat (tubes embedded in concrete)...
  10. Hcw3

    Hydronic radiant floor system: Change copper verticals to PEX?

    We have a (soon to be) finished basement. With our radiant floor system, our installer created a 'forest' of copper verticals to the zones, but he put them directly in front of a window (in the attached pix, the lines change to PEX where the pipe-insulation starts)... There's just enough space...
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