pump replacement

  1. Willowanders

    Diagnosing faulty pump, pressure switch or failing well

    Hello folks. Thank you kindly for reading. So here is my woes. We moved to norther British Columbia in May of this year. Our well is 90 ft. We had no water issues on arrival other than a minute or so for pressure tank to kick in. Pressure switch was a 20/40 and we wanted to upgrade to 40/60...
  2. Adolphus

    Michigan well replacement troubles

    Happy holiday. I'm replacing a 25 year old submersible in a 4" metal casing well. I ignored the depth, still don't know for sure. I have one of those old Merrill pitless adapters seen in a thread in this forum which helped me immensely. Thanks Terry for hosting this treasure. Using the info...
  3. Lewis Epting

    Deep Well Submersible Pump Recomendation

    I am replacing a 15 year old submersible pump (3 wire-yellow, red, black, green). I need a complete motor and head. TDH minimum of 392 ft 20 GPM 40 PSI (This well is used for daily lawn irrigation, but is a low yield. The well refills overnight, so the TDH is based on the depth of the well...
  4. dcg4403

    DIY 700ft Pump Replacement Tips

    Greetings. Great forum that has been extremely informative to me in my quest to replace the submersible pump in my 700 foot well after the historical winter storm in Texas. Attached some pictures to share of my setup with some setup hacks that I devised as a DIY-er. For 2 weeks been without...
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